Je Suis Calisthenics is a grassroots movement that believes in empowering youth in disadvantaged communities through calisthenics, by encouraging good mental and physical well-being.

Calisthenics is simply the art of bodyweight movement.
All you need is your own bodyweight and some basic equipment.
It provides a fun and affordable way to get fit.

Over the last decade it has had an enormous impact on disadvantaged communities, building confidence and self-esteem, giving hope, and engendering a spirit of cooperation that enables society to be more prosperous.


According to the United Nations sports has consistently proven to be a flexible tool for promoting peace. It is recognised in SDGs as “an important enabler of sustainable development.”



By shifting our attitudes towards good health and wellbeing, we could provide a remedy for societies attendant problems of crime, unemployment, alcohol and substance abuse.

On a photographic trip to Morocco in 2014, we were welcomed into the calisthenic Community of Casablanca.

What started for us as a photographic documentary turned into a grassroots movement: Je Suis Calisthenics.

Inspired by the humbling spirit of the youth and their passion to teach calisthenics to the next generation.

Fahd and Ibrahim Kashmirwala founded the Kresh Foundation after witnessing the potential of calisthenics to change lives and transform disadvantaged communities.




A UK registered non-profit organisation that has successfully delivered many short-term community projects in London and Morocco.

The Programme



The seed already exists, only nurturing is needed for it to grow.

We’ve already seen how calisthenics can work and we’re now ready to set up a 3 month pilot programme of classes starting in October this year.

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